This show the covers the economy of obscure topics and presents them in a enteraining form.

Planet Money

A economy based show that finds a fun way to present its topics.

NPR Politics

If you are confused by all the junk going on in politics, this show will explain it all to you in a non partisan way.

Reply All

A fun podcast to listen to that does a great job of explaining the not so obvious corners of the internet.

This American Life

This is the grandaddy of them all. Here you will get great stories from all over the world.

Startup Podcast

As a business major, this show really caught my attention, it does a fun job of showing how businesses get their start, or get over obstacles.

Serial Podcast

A riveting true crime podcasts that will have you glued to each episode. I reccomend the first season to everyone.

Fresh Air

Interview based show that tackles the topics that are in the new today.


A look into the hidden forces in the everyday activities.

On the Media

If you are a fan of investigative journalism, this show gives you an inside look into the process journalist take at their jobs.

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